Just been on Radio Leicester!!!

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I was contacted to be on Radio Leicester the other day to talk about what to do with all your pictures on your phone. My advice, download them and make photobooks so you can relive your memories with the next generation – and don’t forget to add names and place locations, as you will only forget!!

Using photoshop & filters too much?

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With the apps on phone cameras, people don’t stop to see the beauty with how things are, they have to apply a filter to it without seeing the natural scene. I’m all for a bit of enhancement, but when it comes to pushing the edges then sometimes we go too far and then that becomes the new normal, we will all have to go round with souped up filtered lenses over our eyes to take pleasure in the things we see everyday!

Maybe my Las Vegas pictures with hyped up reality aren’t the best to get this point across, but hopefully you get my drift!


Las Vegas Statue of Liberty – As shot

Las Vegas Statue of Liberty – Saturated

Las Vegas, Eifell Tower – As shot

Las Vegas, Eifell Tower – Saturated

Housekeeping, backing up & reliving memories

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I have been sorting through all the old files, backing up and backing up the back ups!! I completed all of the studio and wedding commissions since opening the studio back in 1999! , and am only now getting round to sorting out my personal photography catalogue!  I am going back down memory lane with some fantastic shots and holidays over the years, I will keep updating with some of my personal favourties.


San Fransisco, Golden Gate Bridge

Goldengate bridge, San Fransisco

Alcatraz, San Fransisco

Alcatraz, San Fransisco

Sunset on the Golden Bay Bridge, San Fransisco

New Website

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My new website is now up and running!

It felt a little like moving home and not telling anyone – not knowing if people would still be able to find me!! After 18 years of the old website it was a very scary task, but the new and improved pages seem to be working well, if the downloads and enquiries are anything to go by.

Here’s to another 18 years!!




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